How To Start Your Bitcoin Savings Account

Hyperlinks may be referral links, and I earn a commission from your future earnings as a result of you signing up for faucets, wallets and/or services. That being said, I’d be thrilled if you’d join my crypto tribe.

How cool would it be to earn more than a few pennies of interest on your savings?

Most people are familiar with the principle of compound interest. Unfortunately, most bank accounts available to consumers, even the highest-yielding ones, normally top out at 1-3 percent APY, and with the current crisis, most rates in the U.S. have dropped to 0%.

What if I told you there was a safe and easy way to earn just over 4% APY on your savings? #BTC

Before you do anything with your Bitcoin (or buy any, if you haven’t yet!), you’ve got to get an account with – it’s the only Bitcoin faucet I have found thus far that allows you to hold your money safely while earning a fantastic interest rate – 4.08% APY.

Once you have an account there, you can “roll the wheel” for totally-free bits of Bitcoin (we’re talking teeny tiny bits here, people – satoshis, or tenmillionths of Bitcoin). You can also play gambling-style games in order to win (or lose) slightly bigger bits.

Stay with me, because these examples are far from the only ways to earn real money with this incredible site.

A major benefit of creating an account right now, with my referral link? I share profits with ALL of my referrals. That’s right! I take care of my team by giving back a pretty hearty portion of the referral commissions that I earn. The more active you are on the site, the more I share. The more of my advice you follow, the more you will earn – I can promise you that.

To date, I’ve shared 0.00021460 BTC (around $2 USD) with my best referral (whoever you are – keep being awesome). May not seem like much, but every little bit adds up when you are earning compound interest.


The value of BTC is projected to increase dramatically in the next few years, so there is no better time to stash away some coins. Once your account is all set up, it’s time to hit the minimum balance required to start earning that sweet, sweet 4.08% APY.

What’s the catch to earning the interest? None. They state that you simply must hold at least 0.0003 BTC in your account in order for the interest to start accruing. Easy; that’s only about $3. Obviously, you’re going to want a little more than that if you are on a journey to make long term income with Bitcoin.

The beauty of it is this: how you get to the minimum balance of $3 is totally up to you:

  1. Roll the free faucet wheel until you reach the minimum – more than 1,000 free faucet rolls. That’s gonna take awhile.
  2. Sign up for other crypto faucets on the web, and start sending all those earnings to your account. It’ll still take awhile to reach .0003, maybe a month or more depending on your level of determination. I would recommend you do this as soon as possible – but you can also add in a third option …
  3. (the best option) Use your native currency to purchase some BTC on Coinbase or CashApp, and send it straight to your new account for immediate savings. It only costs about $3 right now to reach .0003 BTC (be sure to take service fees into consideration)! Are you willing to risk it for the biscuit?! 

Nervous about putting your “real money” into some random website? I sure was.

Eventually I decided it was worth losing a few bucks to see if it was actually real. Lo and behold, it was. It took me very little time to reach the minimum once I injected some cash. Luckily, is SUPER transparent about how they use and make even more Bitcoin, so I feel safe sending money to my wallet there – and leaving it for a long, long time.

Earn more with faucets and casinos – but BEWARE:

The internet is home to hundreds more of these sites, called “faucets,” which reward you with FREE cryptocurrency simply in exchange for watching ads and completing captchas, offers and other small online tasks.

I’ll tell you that 99% of them are either total scams, or just spammy websites that aren’t worth the popups, cookies and viruses that they will infect your computer with.

I’m here to help. Consider me your internet earning coach.

Utilizing a handful of main faucets that I’ve grown to love over the yeas, I add around 50,000 satoshi – a little under $ USD – to my account every single month, making my compound interest grow even faster.

So where do I get that little chunk of cash to put into my savings account? Cointiply, a super fun website and one of my favorite corners of the internet, makes up a big chunk of it; followed by the Coinpot group of faucets (a complicated setup to be sure – but absolutely essential for learning about the fluctuating relative value of these coins).

Keep in mind: I only recommend sites that I have trusted for years, and this one shows no signs of shutting down anytime soon (all their mining information can be verified on the blockchain, to prove they actually make money).

I’ve made a little money, had a lot of fun, and learned A TON about Bitcoin in the process. Join up, read the FAQs carefully, and enjoy the journey.

what everyone wants to know … how much do i make?

Currently, I’m earning upwards of 0.00000400 BTC (400 satoshis or ~3 cents USD) in interest every day – $1.25 per month (what’s your bank’s rate again…?!) – and that’s just what I make while I’m asleep.

Remember that I started this journey with almost NO cash. This is just the beginning!

Put in the time – work smarter, not harder – and you can certainly earn much, much more than me on a residual basis.

Build your empire with me. Stay in touch by signing up for my free email series.


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